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6 Ways to Pick your Spirits Up while the Temperature Drops


“A tiger only needs three things to be comfortable. Lots of food, sleep, and…actually, no it’s just those two things.” Colleen Houck

1)      Dress Comfortable & Warm
It may seem like a simple and obvious answer; of course you’ll wear warm clothing, It’s winter! But staying warm and toasty in the office, at home & in between is essential. People may make fun of you for wearing 100 layers to and from work but the less temperature changes your body goes to the more comfortable you’ll be. Don’t be afraid to slip into some comfy warm track pants when you get home, no one will judge.

2)      Cook Hearty Comfort Food
Coming home from work in the winter to a crockpot waiting filled with warm stew and buttery mashed potatoes not only will make your stomach grumble but also ease the worry of having to make something. After dinner dishes, put something aside for tomorrows dinner – doing preparation the previous night means you don’t have to work so hard when you get home.

3)      Invite Friends & Family Over
There is no reason a regular Tuesday night can’t be a gathering of friends or family for dinner. While it may feel bittersweet that you work tomorrow, it’s a refreshing break from the monotony of weeknight dinners. Having a little fun or good conversation is a welcome break from the cold outside your door.

4)      Warm Beverages
Coming home and having a warm cup of tea, coffee or even hot chocolate is a welcome reminder that you’re at home for the night. Comfort oozes from a warm cup and nothing says I’m safe and sound from the outside weather than drinking something warm.

5)      Unwind with a Good Book
Spending a night on the couch with the TV off, a good book in your lap and a warm blanket around you is a welcome reminder that there is good and warmth in the night as opposed to cold and bitter air.

6)      Don’t fight it
There are two ways to view the weather and the cold, similar to how people deal with change. You can fight it, pretend it’s not happening and even try to force it back to how it was OR you can try to find the good in it, however small the good may seem. Similarly with change you can fight it or lean into it a bit. Snow can be pretty awesome, don’t believe me? Ask someone who‘s never seen it and they’ll tell you about all the majesty they imagine comes with the snow, try looking at it through their eyes. You’re never too old to throw a snowball.

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