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10 Things you Should do Today


“Should I try to hide the way I feel inside; my heart for you? Would you say that you should try to love me too? In your mind could you ever be really close to me? I can feel the way you smile. If I feel that I could be certain then I would say the things I want to say tonight.” – The Zombies

1)      Tell at least four people that they are important to you
This is an easy one, it doesn’t even have to be sincere; although you’re kind of missing the point if it isn’t sincere. There are, at the very least, four people in your life that you find important, even if that importance isn’t necessarily a positive thing, so go ahead and let them know. Everyone likes to feel special and everyone wants to know that they matter, even if it’s in a purely work related aspect. Go ahead, let them know right now…I’ll wait.

2)      Thank the last person who helped you with something
“But I already thanked them!,” Oh really? Thank them again. They helped you so let them know that it wasn’t something you’ve immediately forgotten since helping others very rarely benefits the person helping. If you didn’t thank them the first time maybe buy them a coffee first and if you don’t have anyone that’s helped recently go farther back, if you still don’t have anyone then you’re probably not very nice since no one wanted to help you with anything….so work on that.

3)      Tell someone you love them
Alright, take it easy, you don’t have to tell someone that you love them if you don’t actually love them. This is for those people who have a significant other or friend that they’ve known their entire life and rarely show how much you care for them. Maybe it’s even a chance to turn a friend-ship into a love-boat (see what I did there). Love is the ultimate form of affection and it’s not unheard of to let someone know that you care about them.

4)      Compliment Someone…sincerely
If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all; same goes with a compliment, if you’re not going to be sincere about it better just walk away. There are people all around you doing fantastic things or who take great pride in the way they work or look or dress, compliment them on it. This isn’t for your gain, this is just to let them know that someone is noticing that they actually take pride in a specific aspect of their life.

5)      Offer someone help
Even if at first they don’t seem to need it people are stubborn and proud when it comes to needing help. It may mean you have to move a couch or two but you may get pizza and beer out of it, and also it saves a trip to the gym!

6)      Message someone you haven’t talked to in a while
Remember Darren from high school? Vaguely? Me neither…no one ever remembers Darren, but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt sending Darren a message just to see what’s up. No doubt you have him on Facebook right between that Woman from College you talked to once and that Guy you who dated your nieces’ girlfriends sister. It may strike up a good conversation and it also lets people know that occasionally they are thought of. Who knows YOU may even get a message from someone else reading this post.

7)      Let Something Go
People make mistakes, often….sometimes ridiculously often, but that’s what makes us unique. Whatever’s bothering you, let it go. Forgive and forget, because life is too short and the grass is always greener. C’est la vie, get rich or die trying….wait we’ve stumbled into some sayings that don’t quite apply….It doesn’t matter; the point is too much time is spent thinking about past mistakes others have made and letting them bother you.

8)      Apologize
If you read number seven then no doubt you too have screwed up once or twice, it never hurts to say you’re sorry one last time. It helps if you mean it but ultimately nothing I can say will make you suddenly care if you truly think you did nothing wrong. The best you can hope for is that once you apologize the person you feel is truly at fault will also apologize. **Pro Tip: if they do apologize after you don’t throw it back in their face as if you were six, “HA I KNEW IT WAS YOUR FAULT, I DIDN’T EVEN MEAN MY APOLOGY!”

9)       Go out for dinner tonight
You deserve it; especially if you’ve followed steps 1-8. No reason you can’t get a little something back as well.

10)   Smile
Just smile. If I need to write a paragraph about how and why you should smile then we have bigger issues than making your day better.

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  1. 2013/10/16 10:16 am

    Great Post!!!!

  2. Winnie permalink
    2015/08/05 11:19 am

    Great article

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