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7 Roadblocks on the path to Greatness


“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” – Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Monotony
    One of the first and biggest roadblocks on the way to greatness is coming to terms with the repetition in our lives. Even the most exciting jobs in the world will eventually get boring when you’ve done them over and over again. There is no trick to getting over the monotony of a job or activity and this roadblock can only be passed by keeping your head down and powering through; something’s in life do not have a shortcut.
  2. Opposition
    Eventually you will face opposition; someone or something in your life that wants you to fail on your way to greatness. Whether it be intentional or not you must learn to overcome the opposition in order to establish your values and prove to yourself that you can hold your own. One of the most important ideals are those you will fight for which may naturally present themselves without you even realizing.
  3. Restlessness
    There is a degree of understanding required to achieve greatness and one of the hardest things to overcome for so many people is the idea that restlessness is good. Restlessness is the idea that you must always be striving and grasping at straws; perpetually moving never allows time for things of importance to sink in. Pass through your restlessness and learn to be happy for what you have, not trying to be the person always having something to do.
  4. Patience
    Being patient is something that we are taught from a young age but it’s nothing we really understand until we are much older. When we’re younger Patience is explained to us as a passing fancy, something that we have to wait for and will eventually come in time. In reality it is understanding that others needs may come before our own. Learning to be truly patient is the only way we can hope to achieve greatness.
  5. Humility
    Many people have never made it past this roadblock; having the humility to accept you are not always going to be on top is the only way to climb the mountain. The ability to put ones ego aside and make emotionless decisions based on fact and figures is not easily done when you have not experienced the humility of failure. Allowing yourself to be hurt and emotionally available is the only true way to commit to greatness.
  6. Adversity
    While opposition is a single element trying to make you fail, Adversity can come from every direction at once. True adversity however, is not a negative thing; true adversity makes your better and stronger than ever before, it makes you try harder, run faster and play smarter than you ever thought possible. You cannot shine a stone with a similar surface for it is the roughest surfaces that make the best result. You must overcome adversity, for without adversity there can be no triumph.
  7. Failure
    The most important Roadblock on the way to greatness is failing. Failure is the most essential because we learn the most from failure, we learn what works and more importantly what doesn’t work, we learn what people want and what consumers dislike. Failure is the one thing that encompasses all the other roadblocks we must pass and in that it is truly the most important. Learn from your failures and use what you’ve learnt so that you can share with others on their climb to greatness.

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