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The 4 Things Most Likely to Discourage You & How to Overcome Them


“Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.”  – Napoleon Hill


  1. Disappointment
    One of the most powerful tools a parent or mentor can use to show their disapproval of a situation or action that you’ve taken is to explain how they are not mad, but rather disappointed in you. This is a tactic that everyone uses, whether subconsciously or  as obvious as saying it loud and clear for all to hear; this form of emotional abuse is subtle but can often leave you feeling weak or discouraged. Overcoming disappointment must first be conquered by the self-realization of what they’re truly trying to get across. Once in their shoes the surface issues, while they do exist, may not be the root cause of where their disappointment lies. Often times people are most disappointed in the people they once looked up to, perhaps your actions have made them doubt their own choices as well.
  2. Laziness
    There is a large gap between knowing how and when to relax, and being lazy. That same gap is between laziness and procrastination – but that’s another post entirely. Laziness is a vicious cycle; being discouraged from acting on something because you’re lazy is the very thing that makes it nearly impossible to motivate yourself to do anything about it. This is something we see often in people who are trying to better themselves through dieting or working out; they lack the motivation it takes to better themselves because they are too discouraged at the shape they are currently in. It often helps to have an outside party act as your motivational tool in this case – which is why trainers’ at gyms are in such high demand. Having someone actually snap you out of your funk is sometimes the only way to get an honest and clear picture of who you’ve become and sometimes the only person who can set you back on the right path.
  3. Anger
    Often times when you are angry or frustrated you become discouraged. The short answer to overcoming this issue is one that we’ve all heard a thousand times over. When in the heat of battle, when all around you is fire and steam is coming out of your ears, take a breath and count to ten; or better yet go out for a short walk, blow off some steam. When anger takes hold of you the choices you make are almost certainly the wrongs ones and it won’t just be yourself who has to suffer the consequences.
  4. Comparing yourself to others
    One of the biggest issues everyone has to deal with is the idea that someone may be better than you. No one likes to think they are second best when it comes to something, let alone the worst, but there will always be people who are better and worse than you at different things. It’s a very common way to get discouraged, you look at all the accomplishments that others have and compare them to your life and ultimately feel like less of a winner because of it. The best way to overcome this is to stop comparing your behind the scenes footage with other people’s highlight reel. It’s great to think that Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan were immediate successes but the truth is they worked long and hard to have the success that they ultimately achieved.

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