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10 Nice Thoughts for a Gloomy Day


“If a man be gloomy let him keep to himself. No one has the right to go croaking about society, or what is worse, looking as if he stifled grief.”  – Benjamin Disraeli


  1. The Universe is a beautiful and wondrous place! Space is awesome – there is so much to be explored and so much to learn that we don’t yet know. It’s only a matter of time before we as humans venture out into the unknown abyss that is space to see if there is life on other planets. Think about that — in your lifetime we could discover life on another planet and prove that we are not alone in the universe. Scary? A bit – but more than anything it’s exciting!
  2. Technology allows us to experience amazing thingsFeel like taking a leisurely stroll through the soggy streets of London but don’t have the cash for a plane ticket? Technology is now so advanced that you can walk the streets in another country using Google Maps – no passport needed. Connecting with the neighborhoods of your past is just a few clicks away and you’ll be walking the streets of where you grew up via Google Earth.
  3. Food is deliciousWhether your passion is chocolate, fine exotic dining, or simply indulging in the occasional 3 course meal from a greasy fast food joint – we all have that one food we simply can’t resist. And thanks to higher rates of multiculturalism, it’s easier now more than ever to experience a rainbow of different foods from many other cultures.
  4. Music is made for the massesIt used to be that music was a luxury only for the wealthy and the beautiful sounds of instruments were for select audiences only. Now, you can literally carry every song you’ve ever heard in the palm of your hand. And if you don’t feel in the mood for music, all of your favourite books, TV shows and movies are just as easily on hand now too.
  5. Spider’s don’t flyYou don’t need to be certified with arachnophobia to stop and take a moment with us to be thankful that spiders don’t fly. These little critters are bad enough just creeping up the walls and weaving webs for unsuspecting victims to walk through. So smile just knowing those web slingers don’t also have wings.
  6. Ice creamIn Vermont there is an entire factory filled with nothing but sweet, delicious ice cream. Nestled in the Green Mountains of Waterbury, the Ben and Jerry’s factory is home to over 50 yummy flavours of the sweet treat. You can’t help but smile knowing there’s an entire building dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect scoop.
  7. Also Spiders aren’t huge (we really don’t like spiders)For the most part spiders are nothing a swift shoe can’t take care of. So smile with the knowledge that they’re not dog-sized.
  8. We’re zombie proofWith the advent of so many popular end of days TV shows and movies, most of us are now thoroughly prepared for any potential zombie apocalypse. If that thought doesn’t put a little pep in your step nothing will.


  1. FriendshipTake happiness in the simple pleasure of having people who care about you and with whom you can spend your time. There is no greater gift than a cherished friendship.
  2. YouOn even the most gloomy of days, you still have yourself – and that’s impressive. You are important and living in the here and now. You are creative and able to use your brain to imagine an entire dreamscape of wonderful things. The fact that you even exist as you today is a probability of about 1:14 trillion according to most scientists. So go forth and live like the miracle you are.
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  1. Margaret permalink
    2015/05/27 10:59 am

    Hey don’t beat up on the poor spiders – they are good for the environment!

  2. Robert Mcbain permalink
    2015/07/04 9:11 pm

    Smile a lot .get other people to smile as well. Help someone with a chore that he or she can’t handle? Every good deed that you do is on step closer to Heaven

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