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7 Reasons You Should Mix It Up


Paintball“I watch the ripples change their size but never leave the stream of warm impermanence, so the days flow through my eyes but the days still seem the same…” – David Bowie


1)   You’re Not Losing Anything

We often find ourselves afraid of change because we feel that we might be missing out on something else. Don’t think of it like this, it’s not a fair assessment. When it comes to mixing up your day to day routine, remember that you’re not actually LOSING anything but rather GAINING another experience for yourself. Whether it’s another chance to find something you may like or to meet new people; you never LOSE anything by trying something new – you only gain.

2)   Learn New Things

There are always new things to learn and mixing up your daily routine is a great way to either purposefully or accidentally learn new things. If you’ve committed to spicing up your routine why not work things in that offer new concepts and ideas while also being new and exciting?

3)   Let others see a different side of you

We may not realize how set in our ways we become until they are pointed out to us, the same goes for other peoples thoughts of us. You may be the kind of person who eats a sandwich every day for lunch, come rain or shine for years; the same ham sandwich. You may not realize the subliminal inspiration you stir in people by deciding after so many years to change something. Let others view you as an enigma, something that still has a few surprises.

4)   Prove to yourself that you can change

Often times we think we are set in our traditions and routines and that we cannot change. “There’s no point in trying, I’m set in my ways,” is what we often say in order to excuse ourselves from ever trying anything new or mixing up our daily routines. You’re better than that and all you have to do is make the slightest change in order to prove it to yourself.

5)   Gain Perspective on Other People’s Circumstance

You may often find yourself seeing things from an entirely different light when you start mixing it up. Often times our current situation and the scenery around us hinders more than it helps in dictating what we think and feel. Many people decide to get out of an environment that they feel is wrong, but many don’t realize it until they step outside and look in on themselves. There’s a great quote that says, “a fish doesn’t realize it’s in water, until it’s taken out”. Sometimes mixing things up a bit offers great perspective.

6)   Benefit Others

There is no reason you can’t find ways to ‘mix it up’ that benefit others. Sometimes mixing it up means spending time with people in your life who are important but don’t get as much attention as they should. Sometimes it’s about the benefit to others by working on something for someone else. There are many ways you can benefit others by mixing it up, take a second and think of what you can do.

7)   Appreciate What You’ve Had All Along

The most underrated reason you should mix up your traditions and routines is so that you can look back on what you originally held in such high regard with fresh eyes. Changing a tradition that you may only have once a year means that the next year you may approach it with new vigour and excitement.


Agree or Disagree? Let us know why in the comments!

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