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7 of the most useful Life Pro Tips


“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”  – Socrates

1) How to avoid the Bystander Effect in Emergencies:

If you are ever in a large crowd and faced with having to yell “Somebody call 911,” don’t. Instead explicitly point to someone and say “YOU; call 911.” This will prevent the “Bystander Effect.”

The Bystander Effect, in summary, is when there is a large amount of people and therefore everyone assumes someone else is calling for rescue, when in fact no one has because there are so many people around “someone else will”.

Firefighter buddies of mine have told me stories of them getting to a scene with tens of people standing around for minutes while nobody has yet called for help, simply cause you automatically assume since there is so many people around someone already had to have done that.

If you physically designate someone to call, they will. This tip can save a life. Just remember to say please and also tell them to confirm rescue is on the way to ensure they have called

by roastedbagel

2) How to seem romantic on cards:

When buying a romantic card; select two. Then write the inscription from the first card into card the one you’re buying and pretend you can write sweet things.

by gchrisdean

3) How to avoid buying stuff from co-workers:

Whenever someone comes around saying “Would you like to buy a (insert random item here), my kid is going to do (something random for school or personal life).” I tell them, “Yes, I would love to! But your child has to be the one to ask me.” I then give them my number and say the child can call any time after 6pm.

In 20 years, I have had one phone call.

I figure if a kid is not willing to pick up the phone and say “Hello, Mr. Spalding. My name is Jennifer; I understand you work with my Dad. I am selling rocks out of your own driveway to fund my trip to Washington DC, would you care to help me out?” I am sold at that point! Teach the kids the importance of networking, speaking clearly and asking for the sale! Not that Mommy or Daddy will sell your crap for you.

by CaptnSpalding

4) How to get your car out of snow in a pinch:

If you get stuck in the snow while driving, use your floor mats. First you need to stop – do not just accelerate because you’ll dig a deeper hole. Instead; pull out your floor mat and place it in front of the spinning tire, tucking it in tightly. SLOWLY inch forward and you will be out of the ditch in no time.

Although there are a thousand and one other better ways of doing this; this is if you’re stuck and unprepared. The ‘pinch’ part is using something you have with you at a time of an emergency.

by redditredo

5) How to avoid getting Bee Stings:

This comes from my grandfather who raised bees for decades. I was helping him with his bees one day and somehow got a swarm angry at me (I was about eight). There must have been twenty bees after me! Like most people would I started running around screaming and flapping my arms. My grandfather looked at me with a smile and said to get under a bush and shake it. He told me to sit still for a minute. I did and the bees attacked the bush while I sneaked away!

My grandfather explained that the bees couldn’t see me they only saw me moving. They instinctively attacked whatever was moving. So by going under the bush and shaking it, I drew them to it instead of myself (I had been doing the opposite by running around). My grandfather is gone now but I thought I would pass on this bit of his wisdom. This gem has saved me a few times from being stung.

by Buckaroopopcorn

6) How to avoid accidentally sending e-mails:

When composing an email, leave the recipient field blank until you are ready to send your message.
This eliminates the possibility of accidentally sending an unfinished or error laden message to someone important. Also eliminates anxiety about this happening.

by tillazilla

7) How to keep Jehovah’s Witnesses from coming back to your home:

Tell them you want to be placed on the Do Not Call list. Every Congregation has a record of those who ask not to be called on entitled the “Do Not Call List”. This buys you at least a year, sometimes more. Eventually 2 older men will come back to call again in case you have changed your mind or there are new owners.

Hang a No Trespassing sign. NOT a “No Soliciting” sign as Witnesses are instructed that those do not apply to them “since they are technically not soliciting.” However, they are specifically instructed to avoid entering property with a “No Trespassing” sign because it can bring legal troubles and the Watchtower Society will not help out in that case should a situation arise.

Tell them you are Disfellowshipped/Disassociated and they will back away from you like Satan himself.

Or you can just dress up like Satan himself.

Beware of Dog signs are pretty effective.

Just a side note, they are good people that think they’re doing the right thing…and I have had my fair share growing up as one of having doors slammed in my face, hit with canes, guns pulled, etc. and I can assure you most of them don’t want to be there any more than you want them to be there but they have to be…so be kind just one last time before you tell them to never come back.

by ScrewYouAndYourHorse

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. Anon. permalink
    2013/01/30 9:38 am

    1 is so true,
    I like 2,
    Not so sure I can do 3,
    4 is most practical (I’ve done that when stuck in snow),
    I would have never have thought of the solution to 5 (must share this with my son),
    6 is a good tip, I also think that, time permitting, it is also good to wait and go over the email sometime later before sending (this, I do not do often enough)
    And on 7, if I have the time, I chat with with these folks, and politely ask some tough questions of them – after a while they stop knocking.

    Thanks for the tips,
    Reading this was great!

  2. RayK permalink
    2013/01/30 10:56 am

    I am quite impressed with these ideas. Everyone is full of commonsense – if you think about it and I feel commonsense has somehow deserted most people today. I think that
    no 1 is the most important. You are correct the crowd mentality can be a problem.
    I do have one other remark: The Question of the Week, regarding the water expenses
    has been the “Question of the Week” for the last 9 or 10 of these emails. Could you
    please get a new questions??

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