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7 Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything



1“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.” ― Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key


1)      An Experience
There is nothing better than gifting an experience; a movie, live theatre show, musical or game, is a great way to gift not just a physical item but also a future memory. An experience is something no matter what they may have, they will always require.

2)      Your Time
This can go hand in hand with the first one, but everything is better when it’s done together. No, grandma doesn’t need another nic-nac, but she would love to spend the day with you! Plan an event or outing with the person so they know that they are important to you, and remember to do something they would enjoy.

3)      Gas Card
Everyone needs gas! So why not give them a few weeks of gas free with a Gas Card? It’s helpful, thoughtful and frankly something that doesn’t come to mind immediately when you think about gifts.

4)      Inside Joke
Something personal or a personal item that only you two will understand. You can even have something that you would both “get” printed on a Shirt or Wallet or any number of items. The Item itself is irrelevant but the joke is what they will remember.

5)      Their Favourite
Something from their favourite Bakery, Tea Shop, or a medley of what they enjoy. It shows that you care enough to find out what they enjoy as well as a great way to get a few small things for them that you KNOW they would love.

6)      Share what YOU love
Something that you have held in high esteem, a favourite book, movie, game….something that you had many hours of fun with. Often times I will gift a favourite book of mine, not just because I enjoyed it and I hope they do too, but also because it gives us something to talk about in the future.

7)      A Blast from the Past

Something to bring them back to their childhood like a framed old photo, or that Abba-Zaba bar that you can only find in a specialty Candy shop that was their all-time favourite when they were young.


What do YOU think are some great gifts for the person who has everything? Let us know in the Comments below!

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