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How are you Perceived by Others?


134“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”Henry David Thoreau


How are you Perceived by Others?


The way you act

The way you act obviously has a great impact on the way you are perceived however it’s tough to realize that what you may decide to do and the way you end up doing it may not be the same. Often times our tone, body language and even facial expressions can be misconstrued to project a negative image or at the very least an image we did not intend to present.

It is because of this that we must often consider what our actions look like from an outside perspective and whether or not they could be misunderstood or if they could appear to be different than your intention.

Being conscious of the way you act means you must be present and contemplative in your actions as well as reflective after the fact. Be aware of the way you are viewed and make sure that it is in line with your thinking. You may feel like you don’t care what other people may think about the way you act, which is fair, but understand that your actions speak volumes about your personality and it will eventually lead to the way others perceive you and even talk about you.

The way you look

There is a great debate within ourselves to be true to who we are as people without compromising values or morals, in other words not bending or conforming to a rule set unless it’s under your own terms. However as we grow and learn to change we also adapt, and adaptation is imperative for survival. There is nothing wrong with dressing and appearing the way you wish yourself to be seen but understand there is no sympathy from those of us who do play the traditional “rules” of society in regards to appearance.

This isn’t to say that great strides have been made in the way people view others and the way we are now able to express ourselves through our dress. In regards to modern dress and appearance many would say we’ve come far from the days of pant suits and fedora’s and great change has come in the way we used to associate status with wealth, however those deciding not to “conform” shouldn’t expect the same level of attention giving to them.

This may seem unfair but there is a sort of logic hid within the same way showing up for a job interview dressed in a formal suit jacket and tie speaks volumes to the hiring manager about what an organized and professional looking candidate you appear to be. We naturally feel comfortable with things that are familiar and relatable, we flock to like-minded individuals and generally try to avoid those who disagree with our fundamental beliefs; the same is true with those who look and act the same – there is nothing wrong with this.

The point is to dress, display and appear the way you want to but keep in mind that you cannot force someone to view you the way they would view someone who conforms to societal norms.

The way you think

Maybe it’s more appropriate to say, “what” you think rather than the way you think, but both of these options are taken into consideration by someone’s perception of you. It’s important to stand for what you believe in but this can be an open invitation for debate and discussion, especially if you’re offering an opinion that many would view as wrong.

We are all judged by our beliefs and what we decide to share amongst friends and family, this isn’t to say you should think one thing over another but rather to be aware that your opinions might not be worth sharing in every given circumstance.

In Conclusion

There is a general feeling that many people get that gives them the impression that regardless of how they act, look or their opinions, they automatically deserve respect and a chance to be heard – but this is not the case.

Everyone is free to do what makes them unique and special, everyone is free to their opinions and views in every spectrum imaginable. Many of us have similar looks and styles, thoughts and dreams, but there is nothing earned by the way you act, look or think just because they are yours. Ask yourself this:

How do you think people perceive you?

Do you like the way they perceive you?

Do you wish you could change the way you are perceived? If so, what can you do to change?


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