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17 Things that are Bound to Happen this Thanksgiving


66355_519671859324_1695305_n“I celebrate Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invite everyone in my neighbourhood to my house, we have an enormous feast, and then I kill them and take their land.” – Jon Stewart

When my wife and I discussed our Wedding day we came to a simple conclusion between us that both allowed us to have an amazing and memorable night. We concluded and agreed that regardless of planning, things were undoubtedly going to go wrong. Because of this anything that popped up was taken as a grain of sand and seemed inconsequential to the bigger picture.

This is always the best way to go about planning an event; expect the worst and hope for the best. So it’s the time of year we all swallow our pride and put up with the people we love for a single meal that tends to last forever. Of course most if not all of the time Thanksgiving is actually something worth looking forward to, however this year there may be a few things that decide to go wrong.



17 Things that are Bound to Happen this Thanksgiving:


1. You’re the first one to show up (if you’re hosting, then everyone is an hour late)

2. Your newly turned vegan niece replaces the Turkey with Tofu to teach you all that meat is murder

3. Nobody thanks the host

4. Someone passing out from too much food

5. Someone showing up who was not invited

6. Over/Under cooking the turkey

7. Someone forgets the cranberry sauce

8. A relative drinking too much & saying something vaguely racist

9. There is no booze at Thanksgiving dinner & therefore you have to tolerate your annoying family members sober throughout the whole dinner

10. Someone finishes your favourite dish before you get any

11. An old boyfriend/girlfriend shows up who later admits that your mother invited them. Your husband/wife is not impressed

12. The host’s pet gets into the food before dinner

13. Something catches fire or burns

14. Your brother-in-law forgetting to pick up Grandma

15. The host’s pet gets into the garbage after dinner

16. A fist fight

17. No dessert

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