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5 Family Nights worth Keeping Alive



Holly_Harlan-836“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox


  1. Game Night

Naturally I have to start with my favourite night of all and growing up (admittedly now as well) Game night was always a night to look forward to. It was the night I could finally beat my older brother at something and (at least in our house) it became a family tradition along with rotating who actually got to pick the game. Today there are a number of really fantastic, diverse and exciting board games that allow everyone of all ages to play, but I highly recommend any game that promotes creativity and storytelling.


  1. Technology Free Night

This one is the easiest to follow and the easiest to do. Just shut it down; all of it. Have a night where you talk to one another and spend some time catching up. You would be surprised at how little we can know about what’s going on in the lives of the people we live and spend time with. Have a basket by the front door for everyone phones, iPads and other electronic devices and leave it there until morning. Lights are optional, however candles always add a nice ambience and technology free night goes perfectly with Game Night if you wish to combine the two.


  1. Order In Night


If your house is anything like mine, every night is a meal provided by whoever is home and able to cook dinner that night. Growing up that was Mom and now it’s either my Me or my Wife, however regardless of whoever does the cooking it’s always a head ache afterwards to clean up and put everything away. Have a night where no one is in charge of cooking or cleaning, have a night where you order out and kick back around the dining room table without the TV.


  1. Backyard Night


There are only a few days of summer left and most would argue that is seems like that time has passed altogether, however there are still a few nice nights you can spend out in the backyard or at a family members house or cottage before the freeze comes in. Spend the time with your family, or even better if you can be around a campfire telling ghost stories or horror stories about your Boss asking you to work late.


  1. Movie Night

The family tradition of watching a movie together may be something you’re still doing, however at least with my family it’s a disjointed affair of one watching it while the other reads. It can become a disjointed viewing cycle where some people have watched it while other have not. Instead, plan a night dedicated to watching a movie with your family and only watching a movie. Have a marathon or a theme night, you can even have a rotation of who picks and make some popcorn or candy to snack on. Nothing is better than spending a night inside watching scary movies with your family.


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