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6 Signs That You’re Forgetting the Bigger Picture



UntitledThe trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.” – Chuck Palahniuk


1)   You’ve started bringing Work home with you

You can love what you do but never forget that you work for money to pay for the things you want to do after work. Vacations, children, family life whatever it may be it’s important to never get too bogged down by work life that you lose sight of what’s truly important. When work starts coming home with you those lines tend to blur and you may be forgetting why you started to work in the first place. Remember that work is to have the life you want, not the other way around.

2)  You’re upset often but not sure why

There is no better way to know that you’ve forgotten the bigger picture than to listen to your own body. Sometimes you may not even know why you’re upset but for whatever reason you are; this is your body and mind telling you that something is wrong. Trust yourself and listen to yourself, take time to understand what about your life is off and correct it, or at least take the steps towards doing so.

3)  Your Family & Friends find you angry all the time

Sometimes you may need a mirror to see the faces you’re making and there is no clearer mirror than the eyes of your friends and family. They are always the ones to tell you exactly what they think of you and exactly how you’re acting. Real friends don’t pull any punches and family often looks for reasons to tell you what they think about you, but use it to your advantage; listen to their claims and be constructive with them.

4)  You have trouble enjoying things you once did

Whether you’ve lost interest in cooking or video games or whatever passion you once had we often confuse this with “growing up,” but we often miss the bigger picture when hiding behind the guise of maturity. Losing interest in the things you once held passion for may mean you’re losing grip on yourself don’t let others convince you that it’s for the best especially if you feel it was a part of you.

5)  You have trouble letting things go

If you’re still bothered by something the car in front of you did two days ago you may be losing sight of the bigger picture. Nothing is worth remembering especially when it comes to something as inconsequential as a inconsiderate action. Remember that holding on to something that is bothering you weighs you down twice as much and forces your focus on the small details you’re meant to ignore.

6)  You can’t forgive…

…Yourself. Learn to forgive your mistakes and indiscretions while also learning from them. Either some people are too quick to forgive themselves and refuse to learn from their actions or people never forgive themselves. Both are equally dangerous and are complete distractions from the bigger picture.


What is the bigger picture?


Why don’t you tell me.

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  1. Stev E Mann permalink
    2014/08/14 10:19 am

    Entropy always increases and even though we appear to be the anomaly in the midst of chaos, there are no exceptions. If one does the math you would
    Live each day as if it were the last
    As if there were no future
    As if there were no past
    For there is only now
    And it goes by so fast

    Peter Loveman

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