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6 Peaceful Thoughts for a Busy Mind



“I can’t get to sleep I think about the implications of diving in too deep and possibly the complications, especially at night I worry over situations I know will be all right perhaps it’s just imagination.” – Colin Hay


1)      Acknowledge Distractions
The first step to getting any sort of peace when your mind is running with other thoughts is to acknowledge what is keeping your mind occupied. This doesn’t have to lead to any sort of solution (although it might) but you need to first say out loud exactly what is on your mind. Once these thoughts are brought to the front of the mind they’ve been released from a hidden “seeded thought” jail that we keep close to our subconscious and the thoughts already begin to loosen their hold on your mind. Don’t buy it? Okay then how about this; saying them out loud will at the very least make you express your feelings honestly to yourself.

2)      Tell A Story
The first major step I take towards getting things off my mind is to start creating new problems – except these are problems that we know have no significance in the real world, making them something that is completely and utterly manageable. Create a story in your mind, use people in your life if you have trouble making up a story line or even easier take a story line that you love and replace those characters with people from your life. Telling a tale is a sure fire way to become immediately invested in something and thus removing the interest from whatever was on your mind in the first place. You don’t have to go full out “Lord of the Rings,” start somewhere safe; like, “on your way home from work tomorrow you see a lost dog looking for its owner so you decide to stop and help it…” the idea is to promote your own interests and become invested in something other than what’s bothering you.

3)      Building your Perfect House or Room
Equally as creative but a lot more manageable for those who stick their nose up at story telling. Imagine your dream house; what would you furnish it with? What is the layout? How many rooms? Bathrooms? etc. Create a plan in your head and if you’re already in your dream home then well done! Maybe build a room you’ve always wanted in your head. This is a peaceful exercise that takes all of your attention and yields positive imaginative concepts.

4)      The Ocean
Very few things on this earth soothe the mind to the same degree thoughts of the sea will. The churning waters, foaming waves and epic tales that have been told over centuries form a ballet of colour and smells that have mystified humans from an early age. The depths that the sea reaches are unfathomable and little is known about the mysteries surrounding the ocean floor. The Ocean covers 70% of our world and consists of some of the most intriguing and limitless potential for what we would think as “alien” life. Contemplate the sea and the potential it supports, there is no work or worry in the Great Blue.

5)      Choose a Happy Memory
Again, the goal here is to get your mind thinking about something else so naturally if you’re trying your hardest to remember intricate details of something that happened maybe years ago it’s that much easier to forget what was stuck in your mind earlier. Make sure you get specific with details, those take the most effort…and why a happy memory? Well no one wants to dwell on the negative.

6)      Fade to Black
If all else fails just start thinking of the colour Black. Just think of black over and over, nothing is more peaceful then emptiness. It’s like counting sheep or focusing on your breathing; it’s mindless and benign but also soothing as your mind clears from all consciences. It’s like meditation except the end goal here is to hopefully get enough peaceful thoughts into your mind to fall asleep.

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