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5 Tips for Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions


“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

1) Make your resolutions something you enjoy
There is no reason everything you decide to change this year has to be something you know will be difficult or tough. I think the obvious “go-to” for most people is getting in shape and hitting the gym, it’s a honourable and excellent resolution to have however it isn’t something that may be enjoyable to all. Have something that you know you’d find fun; like “Host more dinner parties,” or “Be more social.” These are things that you will end up looking forward to rather than dreading.

2) Choose things that excite you
There should be a certain amount of excitement and anticipation in your New Year’s Resolutions, having things that you are not only looking forward to but also excited about doing will make you want to do them all the more.

3) Pick something that will continue paying off
Learning a new skill or improving on something you already know how to do doesn’t just have the immediate pay off of having done your resolution, but also acts as a long term gift you’ve given yourself. Being better at cooking or working on your painting skills can also help you accomplish other resolutions, such as; “hosting more dinner parties.”

4) Choose something that suits your personality
If you’re not the kind of person to act spontaneously then don’t try to make being spontaneous a resolution. I’m not saying to limit what you do but making a resolution such as, “say yes to more things,” is vague enough yet still accommodates what you wish you to work on by your original idea.

5) Share your resolutions with others
While this can sometimes have the opposite effect, sharing your resolutions with other people will mean that you’re not just keeping a promise to yourself but to someone else as well. It may help or hinder but at the very least if say being more social is one of your resolutions it’s a good conversation starter.

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