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I’m not sure…Google It


“I had to overcome the name Rock. If I’d been as hip then as I am now, I would have never consented to be named Rock.”
 – Rock Hudson

I’m not sure…Google It

We were sitting all around the table trying to remember who played Rock Hudson’s love interest in “Has Anybody Seen My Gal,” when it happened: without thinking I pulled out my iPhone and found the movie on my IMBD app and within seconds the conversation was over. There is a certain romanticism in doing things the old fashioned way, people will pay more for hand crafted boxes and cabinets, more appreciation and dedication goes into things crafted with rough hands and soft hearts, knowledge is no different. There was a time when it was common place to gather knowledge by reading books and attending your local library, but now libraries are vacant and e-book downloads are not quite as popular as the printed books were once.

The problem is it’s just too easy to pick it apart, to pick apart the fact that Roman Numerals & Cursive writing are being phased out and it’s getting tougher and tougher to not sound so old in doing so. “Back in my day,” my father used to say, “we didn’t have a phone in our house and would just jog over to our friends place when we wanted to play.” I’d roll my eyes with the knowledge that times have changed there is no need to waste time when only a phone call away is the answer. Then the other day I catch myself saying to my son, “When I was growing up we couldn’t pull out our phones and find an answer to every question asked at a dinner table,” and nearly choke as the realization sets in.

Am I really so different? Or maybe every generation is burdened with the knowledge that their children will have it easier than they do, but I mean really; how much easier can it get?  Well if the pattern is indication than no doubt our children’s children won’t have to move much less interact with other people, but maybe that’s my ignorance. Is it so hard to embrace these things?

If the cycle is doomed to repeat maybe we need to change the wheel, see what kind of things they are eliminating from the curriculum and ask why they are doing so. Are roman numerals really all that useful? Is it something that we use daily? Whereas computer classes make a lot more sense for the world of tomorrow. I may not like them because in the back of my mind nothing beats the pen and paper of yesterday…but that’s my presumptions based on how I was raised. The truth is I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but if computers are as centric, even as a fraction of how used they are today  then I can say without a doubt that mastering a computer is far more useful to a child over learning Roman Numerals.

Die-hard book readers swear by the printed page and won’t touch an e-book, but I tend to side with Stephen King when he said “The important part is the story.” In my mind this ends any debate on paper vs. digital. Everything else is just argument. And that’s the point isn’t it? What is applicable in the lives of children growing up in today’s world. I don’t want to be my father and I don’t want to sound like him, it’s just to easy to blame today’s youth instead of see how much better they are than me at many different things. So I’ll put aside my personal vendetta against technology for the time being and try to see the value in what we’ve forgotten in the past and embrace for the future.

Knowledge isn’t power, applicable knowledge is power.

Until you pull out your phone and tell me it was Piper Laurie.

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