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Here at Aquarian Pure Water we sat down this time last year to talked about a few things to brighten your day, somethings are just stuff that brought smiles to our faces, somethings we thought that we could do to actively brighten our lives and somethings are just ideas that made us feel a little better when we thought about them. So here’s the list, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them.

-The Aquarian Pure Water Team

A List of 10 Things that Will Brighten Your Day

1) TV is Getting Better:
Certain shows have gone downhill and a few new shows have been pretty awful, but generally speaking the caliber of TV shows, especially on HBO type networks has increased in quality dramatically. Californication, Nurse Jackie, Shameless, Enlightened, Louis CK, Life’s Too Short, Homeland and Boss just to name a few have been recognized as wonderfully scripted, acted and produced shows. Check some out! If you’re not sure CLICK HERE for our entertainment section and get an Idea of what’s up and coming.

2) Put things in perspective:
Whatever problem is on your mind right now, and let’s face it most people have an issue that’s always in the back of their mind, put it in perspective. Things may be bad but they can almost ALWAYS be worse. Remember that times will change and people who dissappoint you will eventually grow up or leave your life, and things that are bad now will eventually stop. It’s tough to see the forest from the trees, but they’re there so keep your head up and be happy about fresh hell you aren’t experiencing.

3) Happiness is A Choice:
You will never be happy unless you choose to be. You may not be able to control what life throws at you, what happens to the people you love or what tragedies may befall you, but what you choose to do with them, or how you choose to react is always your choice. Remember this because it won’t only effect your happiness but also how people may perceive you, being able to deal with bad situations is what separates leaders and followers.

4) Sleeping In:
Who doesn’t enjoy sleeping in late? You may not be able to do it tomorrow or Friday morning, but I’m sure you can squeeze out an extra hour Saturday morning and have some “me time.” If not, try for Sunday, if you STILL can’t, call in sick for work on Monday, don’t worry, I give you permission.

5) Learn to Forgive:
People make mistakes, it’s the human condition we all must live with, but choosing to forgive those who deserve it, or rather do everything in their power to make things right sometimes deserve a second chance. As a great philosopher and poet once said, Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friends.

6) Laughing Babies:
You can say you hate laughing babies all you want but CLICK HERE and watch and tell me you aren’t smiling.

7) Write Down your Thanks:
Sometimes it’s hard to see what you have to be thankful for so write a list of things that you appreciate right now, in the present moment. Focus on each of item because even when things appear to be going really, really badly, there are always things to be happy about. If it’s your dog, then great, if its your wife and kids, tell them you love and appreciate them, if it’s your car than give it a car wash it’s earned it. Do it like an Oscar acceptance speech and if you can, read it out to the people who are on it, well maybe not the whole list, but at least the bit about them.

8) Open your eyes to the world around you:
As Comedian Louis C.K. said, “We live in an amazing world and it’s wasted on the crappiest generation of just spoiled idiots that don’t care because of technology.” That’s not to say technology is bad, but completely forgetting about the world around means your missing some amazing things life has to offer. Do yourself a favor today, go outside, have a walk, look at the sun, breath some fresh air and bask in what will surely be gone one day.

9) Using Toilets:
Up until the 1880’s people went to the washroom in buckets and threw them into the street, or used an outhouse, that’s only 132 years ago, enough for roughly three or four generations, so be happy that you live in an age that has these technological advances.

10) Change your thinking:
This happens more often than you think. Thinking negative can be infectious and as deadly as a disease, but change it up, for example: Thinking that you are 1 person out of 7 billion people on 1 planet out of 8 planets in 1 solar system out of 100 billion star systems in 1 galaxy out of 100 billion galaxies can make you feel enormously insignificant. BUT the truth is, out of 100 billion galaxies there exists 100 billion star systems, out of those there is 1 solar system in which 1 of 8 planets has you, and out of 7 billion people you have your own genetic makeup, your thumbprint is yours alone, you can create art and write a song and are depended upon by others that love you. You have the ability to think and communicate and talk and discuss, you have opinions and concens and thoughts about the world in which you live in. You are ENORMOUSLY significant. And the very fact that you exist is a one in 100 Trillion chances that everything lined up perfectly for you. So go play the lottery, because you’re lucky.


And there is our list we hope that it brightened your day or at least your view of thinking for at least a little while. If you’ve enjoyed this please comment, like, add us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. All this will be readable here on our blog or can be sent via our Daily E-mail Thought, to subscribe click here or click the link on the right hand side of this page.


Aquarian Pure Water Team
Water Made Perfect

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  1. 2012/01/18 10:34 am

    Love this!

  2. Sonia permalink
    2012/01/18 11:26 am

    Makes perfect sense!

  3. Terry Ann permalink
    2012/01/18 12:26 pm

    Thanks for all the emails. They are truly inspiring.

  4. mary jayne permalink
    2012/01/18 1:32 pm

    i love getting these ….thanks so much i pass them on to others always

  5. Anon permalink
    2012/01/18 2:10 pm

    Always uplifting, but it is so hard to forgive those who have tortured you over and over and over again – why?

    • 2012/01/18 2:17 pm

      It’s hard because they’ve disappointed you so many times and you feel as though they will only do it again. Sometimes people don’t change, sometimes you give them a chance and they will disappoint you yet again. The important thing to remember is that we are all human, we all make mistakes, but generally most people are good people and you should never lose faith in humanity. Sometimes you don’t want to forgive people because of these things and you have the justification to do so, you may just be afraid of being a bad person, but not wanting to forgive someone doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human. It makes you afraid to be hurt or be tortured over and over again, you need a find a golden mean in forgiveness to those who deserve it and forgetting the ones you don’t. Not sure if you were looking for an answer, but maybe that helped?

  6. Elly permalink
    2012/01/19 10:46 am

    Excellent advice! Thanks

  7. Wanda permalink
    2012/01/19 1:28 pm

    You made my Day !!! Cheers to the Universe.

  8. Zera permalink
    2012/02/15 10:56 am

    Brightened my day, thank you

  9. Ned permalink
    2013/01/10 1:44 pm

    Uplifting like always.


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