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Things to do at home on Valentine’s Day


Things to do at home on Valentine’s Day

Hello All!

Valentine’s Day is the day for love. Some think it’s too commercial, some think it’s the best time to tell someone that you love them and shower them with gifts, and others think it’s a crock. No one can tell you how to feel on Valentine’s Day it’s simply a day like any other (except it has a large number of greeting card companies promoting it). This week we decided to make another list, Things to do at home on Valentine’s Day, sort of a “last minute” type thing. If you happen to be the unlucky person who forgot to make plans and are now scrounging for a reservation, fear not! Our list below should steer you in the right direction for a quick recovery and hopefully a great Valentine’s Day!


Aquarian Pure Water

Whether you’re newly dating or have been married for years, any of these things are a fun cheap way to spend Valentine’s Day at home.

Things to do as a Couple on Valentine’s Day

  • Cook a Romantic Meal
    It really doesn’t require that much to cook a great Valentine’s Day dinner and it will really impress your significant other. If you both enjoy seafood, any sort of crustacean would be great, they’re extremely easy to cook and a bit pricey, so you won’t look cheap. If you buy fresh simply drop it in rapidly boiling water until tender serve with roast or boiled red potatoes and corn. Or if you like it really sexy; try a fondue night, grab a packet of cheese fondue, some fresh market bread and veggies and make sure to pick up a pot for the fondue. And for dessert? Chocolate fondue, why not you already have the pot out, strawberries and dark chocolate say sexy in more ways than one.
  • Watch a Romantic Movie
    If you don’t own one, get one off Netflix or stream it part by part over YouTube. The trick is to have a movie just right for the situation, if you want to tell someone you love them, but no funny business, watch a tear-jerker, something like, “Away from Her” or “On Golden Pond.” If you want a sweet but funny film about love; check out “As Good as it Gets” or “When Harry Met Sally.” For something that gets you in the mood but still stands as a good movie, check out “Nine 1/2 Weeks” or “The Dreamers” and finally If you’re looking for something to turn off or ignore completely but not kill the mood, throw on “Shakespeare in Love,” it’s romantic but also can be boring if not in the right mood for it, just enough dull dialogue not to distract from anything else you may be doing and both leads are attractive enough to get the mood going.
  • Take a Bath
    Not an “I have to clean up so leave me alone,” bath, but a sexy bath. Get some candles, some bath salts, put on a Billie Holiday record, turn down the lights and have a sexy bath time, it’s simple, cheap and super relaxing. A few pitfalls to avoid however; do not stay in too long, as it will get really hot and totally exhaust you, also don’t get into the bath too late, baths are a little to relaxing and if you get into it too late you’re just going to want to go to bed afterword’s.
  • Sexy time
    Let’s be honest, isn’t this the real point of this holiday? It’s about love and what better way to express love than making it. I won’t go into too much detail here, but listen to your significant other, understand their needs and wants and allow them to be honest and open in their love making; it will lead to a fully enjoyable experience.

If you have children you can still have a great romantic night indoors.

Things to do as a Couple with Kids on Valentine’s Day

  • Have a Fun Dinner
    Just because you have children as well doesn’t mean you can’t have a great dinner, bring them in on the fun, make a hands on night, tacos are always fun, but decorate the table a bit, red and white with pink accents. Make chocolate pudding for dessert and finish them with white chocolate kisses on top.
  • Distract Them
    If you really need a moment alone, do a Valentine’s Day chocolate Kisses hunt; hide a bag around the house and let them roam around trying to find them while you and your lover sit contently on the couch enjoying the second bag you bought.
  • Watch a Romantic Movie
    Just because the kids are there doesn’t mean you can’t watch a Romantic movie, try watching something like, “Wall-E” or “Up!” funny, kid friendly and Very Romantic, Wall-E more so than the Up, but still both are great movies.
  • Craft time
     Make some Valentine’s with your kids for each other, one for the parents from your children and from the parents to the children, it’s always fun to play with glue and paper. You can also have the kids help make a cake for Valentine’s Day, maybe not measuring our the ingredients, but mixing is a safe bet.

A lot of us are not in relationships at the moment, and will not be able to spend Valentine’s Day with someone, so here are something’s to do if you’re alone tonight.

Things to do Alone on Valentine’s Day

  • Watch “The Abyss”
    Don’t watch a romantic movie, forget that stuff and instead watch something awesome, and nothing is more awesome than a deep sea exploration of alien life by Ed Harris, it’s bad ass and about 3 hours long, so that’s like half your night right there. Most would say watch something scary, but that’s the last thing I’d want to watch, because you’re alone and you’re only going to be thinking of this  behind you during the movie.
  • Cook Chili
    Chili is delicious and you know that you have a can floating around in a cabinet somewhere, grab it and cook it hobo style directly on the burner, eat it with a spoon out of the can, you got no one to impress. Just take the paper label off it first, that’s a fire hazard.
  • Finish an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos
    They’re the best flavor. Also substitutable are BBQ crispers, a sleeve of Jelly Beans from Christmas or a tin of Cashew nuts.
  • Call your mom
    You’ll have to leave a message because she will most defiantly have better plans than you do tonight.
  • Listen to Telephone Line by ELO
    Click Here and Listen to your loneliness. It’s not depressing but it sounds like it is.
  • Solo Sexy time
    Needs no Explanation, we’re all human.

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  1. Kevin Wheatley permalink
    2012/03/07 7:19 am

    Haha, well I know what I did on Valentines Day…. 😐

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    2012/03/12 9:33 pm


  3. 2015/01/03 7:29 am

    Good info. Lucky me I recently found your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have book-marked it for later!

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