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Film Review: Insidious


Insidious, written and Directed by the same team that brought us Saw, is a film about a family, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, who are unfortunately haunted by a ghost after one of their three children falls into a coma. Although the story is more complex than just that, I don’t want to give too much away as the main appeal of this film is the different approach it takes to the classic haunting horror film. Apparently writer Leigh Whannell who also has a minor role in the film, had a sheet of horror movie cliché’s that he constantly referred to in order to attempt a truly unexpected tale of horror and for the most part succeeded. The acting in this film is among the best for the genre, casting two fairly unknown (not really given lead parts but rather ensemble cast films or secondary characters) yet heavy weight actors as the parents gave a firm base of realism for the semi-supernatural story and tugged the right notes on the heart-strings when the need arose.

Overall the most appealing element of the film was the over all tone of the film, very dark, bleak but constant shadows, always darkness in the background or a corner with not quite enough light. Most horror movies start out strong and dwindle and this one falls into the same category of starting out with a bang, but the bang with this film in my opinion was so big that although the ending trailed a bit and lost a bit of steam, I still was satisfied when the credits rolled. All in all I’d have to say the most impressive was the soundtrack, gut wrenching and dark, with a high use of strings, iconic as the tubular bells from the Exorcist but unfortunately not as memorable.

If you’re looking for the latest horror film to really get under your skin I highly recommend Insidious. Not because it was original or amazing but because it really stuck with you, and when the credits rolled the horror still remained in my mind’s eye.

My Verdict? A Delicious Sandwich! Tastes great and to an extent it satisfies but you could have really gone for a steak.


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