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Enjoy Yourself! It’s always going to be later than you think. Whether you believe in life after death or if you believe that when we die you simply sit in the ground and rot; life is short. Or maybe you believe that your level 7 laser lotus status will allow you to be preserved in an energon cube so that you can be extracted one day when societies technology has advanced to the stage of Macromolecular dynamic extraction and mental reincarnation through the process of bees to allow your rebirth, I won’t judge (it sounds awesome), regardless we all at one point will die.

It is the certainty that we are all given as an absolute to compare things to, without absolutes there can be no real understanding of things, just as one cannot understand the meaning of infinity as we cannot effectively compare something physical to infinity, since we have no real world example of it. The point is that too much of our lives are spent working and sleeping and waiting and standing and (well you know that think you do after your morning coffee….) it gets to the point where we need to step back from reality.

Just breath. There will always be time to do the things that populate your life; your finances, bill payments, work and worry it will all be there, (trust me they never really stop) so take a break, play a video game (There are some AMAZING games out now CLICK HERE for an example), write a song, pick up the old guitar. Buy an instrument you always wanted to learn, who care if it’s a little pricey, you only live once, who cares if you only PLAY it once, pretty much all instruments look good hanging on a wall, except drums. Don’t get drums, NO ONE likes drums.

The Idea is to take the time to remember what you wanted as a kid, the days when you said, “When I’m 30 or 40 or 50”  or whatever, “I’m going to do _____!” Whatever you at one time forgot because it was no longer important or obtainable, those are feelings you will regret not experiencing over time.

Wake up everyday and live life with no regrets; because one day you may not wake up.

But it’s not all bad! Remember whether this be the one time we go around in life or not there is still plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty to distract us…..just be happy you weren’t born in the year 1. You would be SO bored.

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  1. 2012/10/26 5:40 am

    I like drums! 🙂

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