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Have you Noticed?


That the English language has gotten shorter? As Bob Dylan said,  the times they are-a-changing. From the day that the English language was first perfected we as a society have only tried to shorten it. You all was shortened to Y’all, You are was shortened to You’re, and so on. I’m fine with that, as are most people, we have accepted it as the norm and ultimately no harm was done. I personally think that the faster someone can communicate the better, I mean hell, if you can GRUNT at me and I ‘llunderstand without a doubt in my mind what you’re trying to communicate that should be a good thing, right? When someone texts, or messages me LOL, I immediately know that what they have just heard is funny, is it really that much shorter than “haha?” Well technically yes, by exactly one letter, but the message is much clearer, there is less room for misunderstanding them or misconstruing their intentions. Not that there isn’t the chance; there is always the chance of misunderstanding what someone is saying.

I think when you really stop and consider the ease at which people communicate now, it really is great. Speed, understanding and short concise messages with little to no mobile minutes wasted. I think the problem arises when people begin talking in short form…..

Oh yes, talking. Here an example of a fake conversation that I’m pretending could happen:

“Did you hear the one about the Doctor and Rachel McAdams?”

“Oh yes LOL, that was soooo funny LOL.”

“Ummmm what?”

“LOL you know, it’s really funny.”

“Why are you saying LOL instead of just laughing?”

It happens. My fear, along with I’m sure many of you, is that it will become only more common with time. Who knows maybe it’s silly to think that when conversing with someone you should have more motivation to use full words instead of short forms. Maybe I’m just not that interesting… regardless I’ve created a short list below of Abbreviations and Short forms to say in polite conversation and those NOT to say.

Here are some Examples of Logical Shortening of Words for a logical purpose that are socially acceptable when talking to someone face to face:

Example Category Short form Source
Doctor Contraction Dr D–r
Professor Abbreviation Prof. Prof…
The Reverend Contraction (or Abbreviation) Revd (or Rev.) Rev–d
The Right Honourable Contraction and Abbreviation Rt Hon. R–t Hon…

And here is an example of common abbreviations used in today’s fast-paced world that are NOT acceptable in conversation, (Text, and internet messaging is fine):

Example Category Short form Source
Laugh out Loud Contraction (or Abbreviation) LOL L-O-L
Laugh My Ass Off Contraction (or Abbreviation) LMAO L-m-a-o
Be Right Back Contraction (or Abbreviation) BRB b-r-b
Got to Go Contraction (or Abbreviation) G2G Got 2 go

Umm Okay

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