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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Imagine for a second that you could get up from your everyday job, go home and step into a portal that would allow you to travel to a long forgotten time. A time that had dragons and wizards and warlocks and druids, assassins, thieves, horrors, trolls, caves and wars. Imagine that you could step into this world and do pretty much whatever you’d like, you can make soup, pick flowers, practice archery, fight with fists, swords, bows or magic, fight for your country or defend it from the invading army, save the world and……oh ya…also kill dragons. Alright you get it? If this game existed 40 years ago the generations would have stopped there because the point of life would no longer be to procreate; it would be to reach level 80 in this video game. Luckily in today’s world we’ve been gradually exposed to stuff like this,  so it’s not such a shock to see such a game of this caliber come out.

Skyrim allows the player to assume the role of the Dragonborn, a man (or woman) who will save the Land of Tamriel from almost certain destruction. The game seamlessly integrates Role Playing Aspects and First Person combat, meaning that you can fight an enemy with sword, and then collect his clothes, money and weapons when he dies, allowing you to loot almost everything and everybody in Skyrim allows you to become pretty stone cold in this world from early on. Picture getting clearer? Imagine the best Lord of the Rings movie, now imagine living it and being able to choose where the story goes and at what time it changes.

The appeal of this game is not only the freedom but also having the ability to play it at your own pace. You can simply walk around the massive world and dungeon crawl through caves when the feeling strikes you or wander the barren wastelands offering assistance to stranded men and woman you come across.

All in all Skyrim has fantastic sound, graphics, colours, and a beautiful rich environment and story to dive deep within and never leave, in any case you’ll have to be pulled out kicking and screaming.

The game is the beginning of the future of gaming, and it is surely not one to miss.


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  1. Mark permalink
    2012/01/20 2:53 am

    This game is Amazing, great review!

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